A ‘trust’ is a legal device used to pass property to someone (a ‘trustee’) who manages that property on behalf of others (‘beneficiaries’).

There are lots of reasons why someone might settle a trust – tax advantages, to provide for disabled persons, as part of a business plan or marriage contract, and so on.

The most common types of litigation issues that arise include:

  • Interpretation questions as to how the trust settlement should be understood.
  • Complaints against trustees for improper spending or improper compensation out of trust funds.
  • Complaints against trustees for poor performance or unwillingness to share information.
  • Passings of Accounts.
  • Winding up a trust (by all beneficiaries who are each of the age of majority) or a variation of a trust (where one or more beneficiaries are minors, unborn, or ‘unascertained’).
  • Charitable trust issues.
  • Tax issues.

I have experience in all of these areas and would be happy to assist.